Fujioh International Trading Pte Ltd was set up in 1993 specialising in home kitchen appliances. Linking with its parent company Fuji Industrial in Japan that designs and manufacture high quality cooker hoods. Fujioh Oil Tech services arespecially design with oily Asian cooking in mind.

The range of high performance and effective cooker hoods remove a remarkably high percentage of greasy fumes from the air and leaves your kitchen beautifully clean and grease free.

With its advanced technology only fujioh cooker hoods has an exclusive Rectifier Panel that captures greasy fumes from all direction rather then those that just drift upwards. Together with its removable Oil Tech fliter, it retain the airborne oils and fats, which are then collected into an Oil Catch tray. Using the same technology as air conditioners, it uses the quiet and energy – saving Sirocco fan that works effectively whilst you cook.

Some of Our Available Fujioh Hoods

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